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EllenFull name: Ellen Anna Muth
Born: 6th March 1981
Place: Milford, Connecticut

Member of Intertel and Mensa IQ 156

Ellen started her career with Ford Models and Rascal's Agency. She took time out to finish college and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, getting her first professional break doing commercials in 1993.  

Her first Profession acting role was in the film ‘Dolores Claiborne’ where played the young Selena which won her the ‘Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress’
She followed this with a role in the eighth season of Law and Order.

Her next major role was in 1999 as ‘Constance’ in the film 'The Young Girl and the Monsoon'
The following paragraph appeared in the New York Times:

“Ellen Muth, a 19-year-old actress who looks considerably younger, virtually explodes in the role of Constance, the volatile 13-year-old only child of divorced parents. An emotional powder keg who one minute can be as clinging as a baby and the next delights in cruelly demolishing the nearest grownup with laser-like sarcasm, Constance is a flailing mood swing on a circuitous warpath. The film ... crackles dangerously to life whenever Constance (who narrates the film) is on the screen with her father Hank”

She received the AFI Award for Best Actress for the role.

In 2000 she again appeared in 'Law and Order, Special Victims Unit' and also had a role in ‘Cora Unashamed’ as Jessie at 18.

The same year Ellen played the part of Jane in the Lifetime Original Movie ‘The Truth About Jane’

In 2002 She was in two TV films, ‘Superfire’ as Jill Perkins and in ‘Two Against Time’ as Emma Portman.
In the 'Two Against Time' movie, Both Ellen and her co-star Marlo Thomas shaved their heads to add to the realism of being on Chemotherapy for cancer.

2003/04 saw Ellen staring in Showtime Television series of ‘Dead Like Me’ for which at the moment she is best known. She played George Lass one of a team of grim reapers.

She also appeared in 'Jack 'n' Jill', a 2007 MFA film and did the voice over for the character of Addie Vost in the short animation of 'Tofu the Vegan Zombie'. Her other voice role was as ‘Anne Manx in the Empress Blair Project’, a radio show.

In 2009 she stared in the ‘Dead Like Me’ follow up film called 'Dead Like Me: Life After Death’, directed by Stephen Herek, it was released direct-to-video

In 2012 Ellen was in the film ‘Margarine Wars’ as Katie Trumbull. The same year she played Natalie in Rudyard Kipling's 'Mark of the Beast’

Recently in 2013 Ellen has made guest appearances in the TV series' Hannibal' as Georgia Madchen.